Important Phase 2 Reactivation Information

Here are updates on how to prepare for phase 2 access, which is planned to commence on July 20, next week. Phase 2 allows more individuals on campus, but retains all safety measures mandated in phase 1.  To remind you, these include no more than 50% occupancy of spaces at any one time, use of PPE at all times within the building, and physical distancing. I list below some bullet points that should address most of your questions about phase 2 access relevant to MCDB; please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need more or other information.

  • If you are authorized for phase 1 access, you are automatically authorized for phase 2 access.
  • if you are a PI and wish to add additional people to your roster, you can amend your EHS Integrator registration with new names.
  • 2nd year and above graduate students should be registered by their PI.
  • 1st year graduate students will be registered through their graduate program (not by individual PI’s).
  • Lecturers who have not yet applied for access should do so through EHS Integrator (requires a VPN connection).
  • Undergraduate students may not participate in in-person, on-campus activities, including laboratory work, during phase 2.
  • Anyone who is applying for phase 2 access (and did not complete the following training during phase 1) needs to complete the return to Yale Campus training and is require to conduct a Daily Health Check.
  • With the advent of phase 2, we are working on setting up a bulk delivery of PPE for the department; I will update you on that once we finalize the process.

More information on Phase 2 is here.