Temporary Freezers at YSB

MCDB 4th Floor freezers ARE available for emergency usage.

Please email the MCDB Business Office (mcdb.businessoffice@yale.edu) when placing items in and removing items from the freezer.

Required Information in your email to should include: 

  • Lab Name/Contact Person Name, Email and Cell Phone Number
  • Brief description of items placed in the freezer
    • What the material is
    • How much of it is in the freezer (#of vials, etc.)
    • What shelf is it placed on?
  • Date items were placed in the freezer
  • Estimated length of time the items will be in the freezer

Remember to notify the MCDB Business Office (mcdb.businessoffice@yale.edu) when items have been removed from the freezer.

The MCDB Business Office will monitor freezer use via a Google Sheet which can be viewed here: