MCDB Administration

Office of the Chair:
Vivian Irish  Chair YSB 425 203-432-5572
Amy Gibbs  Assistant to the Chair YSB 435 203-432-3508
Office of the Registrar:
Douglas Kankel Director of Undergraduate Studies YSB 111 203-432-3532
Damon Clark Director of Undergraduate Studies for Neuroscience YSB C148 203-432-0750
Crystal Adamchek Undergraduate Registrar YSB 231 203-432-3839
Farren Isaacs Director of Graduate Studies YSB 141 203-737-3093
Valerie Horsley Track Director, MCGD and BQBS YSB 121 203-436-9126
Joshua Gendron Track Director, PMB YSB 424 203-432-7317
Michelle Cegelka Graduate Registrar YSB 234 203-432-3538
Shirlene Scott 

Student Services Officer,
MCGD Track Program/BBS

YSB 235 203-785-2404
Business Office Administration:
Carol MacLeman Lead Administrator YSB 434 203-432-0416
Barbara Amendola Sr. Operations Manager YSB 431 203-432-3455
Amy Gibbs Faculty and Academic Affairs Manager YSB 435 203-432-3508
Rakhi Vakharia Finance and Facilities Manager YSB C108 203-432-3456
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