Who to Call (Facilities)

YSB Facilities Contact Info as of Nov. 20, 2019
Yale Emergency Repairs 203-432-6888 For true building emergencies:
Floods, leaks, power issues, freezer issues, EH&S emergencies, after hours or weekend issues that can’t wait until normal business hours
(Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 5:00pm)
Facilities Operations Fill out a Facilities Work Request:
For non-emergency building/custodial issues.  See below for Custodial Team Info.
EGC Service Center 800-825-0288 For issues with your Controlled Temperature Room (CTR)
EH&S https://ehs.yale.edu/ For non-emergency EH&S issues
Faculty IT Support 203-436-9045 When you have issues with your current computer. 
For Ladder Facutly Only.
ITS Helpdesk Call 2-9000
For staff computer issues
ITS Network Services Call 2-9000
For network related issues
ITS Mobile Devices Call 2-9000
For all cellular/mobile phone related issues or service
ITS Telecom Call 2-9000
For all desk phone related issues
YSB Custodial Team
YSB Facilities Manager Michael Stringer michael.stringer@yale.edu
YSB Custodial Team Lead Rasheda Turner risheda.turner@yale.edu; Note: Risheda is your first point of contact
YSB Sr. Custodian Vicki Martin victoria.martin@yale.edu
Ground Floor Team Tim Phelmetta / Desse Chesson  
Concourse Level Team Clarence Boyd / Risheda Turner  
Pavilion Café Team Tim Phelmetta / Risheda Turner  
First Floor Harold Morris  
Second Floor Phyllis Ostuno  
Third Floor Mike Durham  
Fourth Floor Vicki Martin  
Fifth Floor Vicki Martin  
YSB AED Device Locations
Ground Floor Elevator Lobby and Near G140 Sign-Up here if you are interested in AED general awareness training provided by Yale EHS.
Concourse Level Elevator Lobby (closest to C112); near C187A; and near O.C. Marsh Restrooms  
First Floor Elevator Lobby near 128  
Second Floor Near Kitchenette 255  
Third Floor Near Kitchenette 353  
Fourth Floor Near Shared Support Room 440  
Fifth Floor Not Yet Installed  
BL3 Facility Not Yet Installed  

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