Foundations Biology Course

Yale’s biology departments (EEB), MCDB and MB&B) have combined efforts to launch a yearlong Foundations Biology course consisting of four one-half credit modules.  The completion of all these modules is a prerequisite for each of these majors and is an excellent foundation for any student contemplating a career in the health sciences professions, irrespective of major. 

Amaleah Hartman and Thomas Loreng are the course coordinators for the foundations biology modules and should be contacted if you have questions.  Dr. Loreng coordinates the BIOL series that start in Spring term (BIOL 101/102) and conclude in Fall term (BIOL 103/104).  Amaleah Hartman coordinates the BIOL series that start in Fall term (BIOL 101/102) and conclude in Spring term (BIOL 103/104).

Placement Exam - Requirement

In the past, students with a score of 5 on the AP Biology Exam or a score of 7 on the IB Biology exam were exempt from taking the biology foundations course sequence (MCDB 120 & EEB 122).  This is no longer the case.  All students are required to take all four of the new foundation modules as prerequisites for the EEB, MB&B and MCDB majors. 

Upperclassmen who have not yet satisfied the foundations biology prerequisites should get in touch with the office of the DUS as soon as is convenient.  Options to take the placement exam, to take one or more of the various new foundations modules or to take some course substitutes may be arranged.

Please note that many courses will now require one or more of these new foundations modules as prerequisites.  Please check each course description carefully.  Obviously, accommodations will be made for upperclassmen in good standing in the major.

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