Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 Dual Illumination Microscope

The LightSheet Z.1 is a selective plane illumination microscope (SPIM) that excites the sample with a plane of laser light from dual ports for ultrafast 4D sections of live transparent organisms, including: zebrafish embryos, drosophila and cleared organs.

Laser lines:
     405 nm, 50 mW.
     445 nm, 25 mW.
     488 nm, 50 mW.
     515 nm, 20 mW.
     561 nm, 50 mW.
     638 nm, 75 mW

ZEN 2 software with the following modules:
     Arivis vision 4D

Image Analysis

Lightsheet Z1 package for 3D Multiview

Lightsheet detection module: up to 30 fps at 960 x 1024 pixels.

Objectives (water immersion).

     5x/0.16 NA
     10x/0.5 NA
     20x/1.0 NA
     40x/1.0 NA