Requirements by Major

Below are the requirements formally approved by the Yale College Faculty for the Classes of 2021 and beyond. Students in the Class of 2020 and previous classes may fulfill the requirements of the major that were in place when they entered the major in MCDB as described in previous editions of the bulletin. Alternatively, they may fulfill the requirements for the major as described below for the Class of 2021 and subsequent classes.

  • Major:   Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology
    • MCDB - Standard Track
    • MCDB - Neurobiology Track
    • MCDB - Biotechnology Track
    • MCDB - Quantitative Biology Track
  • Major: Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology - Intensive
    • MCDB, Intensive - Standard Track
    • MCDB, Intensive - Neurobiology Track
    • MCDB, Intensive - Biotechnology Track
    • MCDB, Intensive -Quantitative Biology Track

Students interested in the biotechnology, neurobiology, or quantitative biology tracks should consult an advisor for the track.

Biotechnology track advisors:
Ronald Breaker, YSB 311 (432-9389)
Craig Crews, YSB 250 (432-9364)
Farren Isaacs, YSB 141 (432-3783)
Kenneth Nelson, 137 YSB (432-5013) Joseph Wolenski, YSB C112 (432-6912)

Neurobiology track advisors:
Paul Forscher, YSB 120 (432-6344)
Haig Keshishian, YSB 228 (432-3478)
Weimin Zhong, YSB 225 (432-9233)

Quantitative Biology track advisors:
Damon Clark, YSB C148 (432-0750)
Thierry Emonet, YSB C169 (432-3516)
Douglas Kankel, YSB 111 (432-3532)