Recommendations for Premedical Students

The Yale Pre-Med Office (Office of Career Strategy) is a useful source of information for those interested in applying for postgraduate education in the health sciences. Additional information can also be found at the links below recommended by the Office of Career Strategy Health Professions:

Required Courses for MCAT Preparation

Each medical school has its own individual set of pre-requisite requirements. School websites have the most current information for these requirements, but another comprehensive resource is the online version of the AAMC Medical School Admission Requirements:

Students who expect to apply to medical school should consult the Health Professions Advisory Board (HPAB) at Undergraduate Career Services (UCS) located at 55 Whitney Avenue (phone: 432-0818), preferably during the first term of enrollment at Yale. Catalogues for every American and most Canadian medical schools are available on the WEB.

Some state-supported medical schools and a few private medical schools have additional course requirements in the humanities and social sciences. All premedical students should check the requirements of their state-supported medical schools, since over 70% of applicants matriculate in one of these schools. Individual medical school course requirements for American and Canadian applicants can be found online at

The HPAB publishes an informational bulletin that contains general information, Preparing to Become a Health Care Professional, and a second bulletin with specific information for those about to apply for admission to medical school (primarily juniors and seniors), Applying to Medical School. Students who are interested in applying as MD/PhD applicants can view the online AAMC publication

Advice for Pre-Meds Document