Pre-Requisites for BS, BS INT & BS/MS

Foundation Modules

2 terms

1/2 credit per module

BIOL 101a or b     Biochemistry and Biophysics

BIOL 102a or b     Principles of Cell Biology

BIOL 103a or b     Genetics and Development

BIOL 104a or b     Principles of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology



General Labs


Organic Labs

2 terms

2 terms

1 term

1 term

CHEM 161/165; or 163/167; or its equivalent

CHEM 134L/136L

CHEM 174 or CHEM 175** or CHEM 220

CHEM 222L; or CHEM 223L; or CHEM 226L

  2 terms PHYS 170/171 or higher
Calculus 1 term MATH 115 or higher - or a Statistics course at Yale

**(freshmen who take CHEM 174 & 175 & CHEM 222L & 223L will be considered to have completed all Chemistry requirements)

Acceleration credit awarded in chemistry, mathematics, and physics, or completion of advanced courses in those departments, is accepted instead of the relevant prerequisites for the MCDB major. Students who already have mathematics preparation equivalent to MATH 115a or b or higher are encouraged to take additional mathematics, such as MATH 120a or b, 222a or b, or 225a or b, ENAS 151a or b, 194a or b, or statistics (e.g. S&DS 105a or 100b preferred).

Premedical students will likely need to take the laboratory with introductory physics, although it is not required for the major in MCDB. Premedical students should consider the advisability of taking the introductory MCDB laboratory MCDB S121La or 221La. Note that the premedical requirements and the prerequisites for both MCDB and MB&B majors are substantially the same, so students do not have to choose among these paths during their freshman year.

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