Joseph Wolenski Awarded the Berkeley College Mentoring Prize

photo of joseph wolenski
March 30, 2021

It was announced at the recent Bishop Berkley Birthday dinner bash, that Joseph Wolenski has received the Berkely College Mentoring Prize.  This award is for the Yale College Faculty member who provides excellence in mentorship for Berkeley fellows.  

Below is the excerpt from Dave’s speech with all of the info and accolades!  Congratulations Joe!

I have one final award to announce.  In Berkeley, we honor a Yale faculty member who has made distinguished and sustained contributions in the advising and mentoring of our undergraduate students.  Past recipients have been Professor George Fayen of the English Department, Professor Frank Snowden of the History Department, Associate Professor Crystal Feimster from the Departments of African-American Studies, American Studies, and History, Lecturer Wendy Sharp from the School of Music, Lecturer Michael Fotos from Political Science and Ethics, Politics & Economics, and Environmental Studies, Lecturer Camille Thomasson from the Film and Media Studies Program, Rebekah Westphal from the Office of Fellowship Programs and Yale College Dean’s Office, and George Levesque from the Yale College Dean’s Office.  This year’s recipient is yet another wonderful example of an attentive and caring adviser.  His dedication to students also evident in his teaching, for which his collaborative approach to learning is recognized as exemplary by the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning.  I just discovered that he even has a student fanpage on Facebook!  His official titles at Yale are Senior Lecturer and Research Scientist in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, but more often we will see him here around the college as a de facto photographer extraordinaire.  Tonight, we honor our recipient’s steadfast dedication to students, with the Berkeley College Mentoring Prize.  Please join me in congratulating Joseph Wolenski.