The John Spangler Nicholas Award has been given to three MCDB grad students

jaymin patel, danyan li and shuke xiao
May 23, 2022
  • Jaymin Patel – Dissertation Title:  Cross-Kingdom Expression of Synthetic Genetic Elements Promotes the Discovery of a New Class of Nucleotide Analogs From the Human Microbiome / December 2021 / Advisers Farren Isaacs and Jason Crawford
  • Danyan Li – Dissertation Title: PIWI-Mediated Control of Tissue-Specific Transposons Is Essential for Somatic Cell Differentiation / December 2021 / Adviser Josien van Wolfswinkel
  • Shuke Xiao - Dissertation Title: Drosophila Chemoreception and Threats of the Anthropocene / May 2022 / Adviser John Carlson