Congratulations to the Pollard Lab for their most recent publication in eLife.

wasim sayyad
September 26, 2022

“The number of cytokinesis nodes in mitotic fission yeast scales with cell size.” 
  Wasim A Sayyad & Thomas D Pollard (2022) eLife 11:e76249.

Actomyosin contractile ring is a common cell division apparatus in amoeba, fungi, and animal cells. In fungi contractile ring form from the cytokinesis nodes, assemblies of proteins associated with the plasma membrane.
In this article using Airyscan microscopy, Sayyad et al. counted (~190) cytokinesis nodes in wild-type fission yeast cells and showed that not all assemble to form the contractile ring. They also showed that node number scales with cell size and polarity factor (Pom1) and cell size sensor proteins (Cdr2) do not control the number directly but modulate it above a basal level. All of these results will help in improving quantitative models of cytokinesis.