The Standard BS Degree – 18.5 Total Credits
The Standard BS INT Degree - 20.5 Total Credits


9.5 Credits

BIOL 101a or b Biochemistry & Biophysics
BIOL 102a or b Principles of Cell Biology
BIOL 103a or b Genetics and Development
BIOL 104a or b Principles of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
(these 4 modules are ½ semester in length and equal .5 credits each)
(Students with an AP Biology score of 5 will be eligible to take the Yale Administered placement exam for these foundational modules – and subsequently place out of one or more.)

2 terms of General Chemistry (161/165; or 163/167; or its equivalent)

2 terms of General Chemistry Labs (134L/136L)

1 term of Organic Chemistry -(174, 175**, or 220)

1 term of Organic Chemistry Lab (222L, 223L, or 226L)

2 terms of Physics (170, 171 or higher)

1 term of Math 115 or higher (or Statistics course at Yale)

**(freshmen who take CHEM 174 & 175 & CHEM 222L & 223L will be considered to have completed all Chemistry requirements)

Core Courses

3.0 Credits

Core Courses – choose any 3
MCDB 200b – Molecular Biology
MCDB 202a – Genetics
MCDB 205b – Cell Biology
MCDB 210a – Developmental Biology
MCDB 290b – Microbiology
MCDB 300a – Biochemistry; OR MB&B 300a – Principles of Biochemistry I

General Electives

2.0 Credits

Two general electives from MCDB numbered 250 or above. Two laboratory courses from either MCDB 342La and 343La; or 344Lb and 345Lb can be used together as one elective credit. If used as an elective, these laboratories cannot also fulfill the laboratory requirement.
(May choose an additional 2 from either the Core list above, or MCDB 250 or above courses. Second term of Organic Chem and Statistics course acceptable.)

Special Electives

1.0 Credits

One special elective from MCDB numbered 350 or higher


1.0 Credits (or more)

Two laboratory courses required from MCDB

Senior Requirement

2.0 Credits - BS

4.0 Credits - BS INT

Choose One of the following which must be taken in Senior Year

BS:       MCDB 485/486 (2 terms of Senior Research);

MCDB 475 (two contiguous terms of Senior Independent Research. A single exception is a circumstance where MCDB 475 is taken in the second term of the Junior year, followed by 8-10 weeks of summer research, and finished with MCDB 475 taken in the first term of the Senior year

BS INT:    MCDB 495/496 (2 terms of Senior Research Intensive)