Handbook Legend

Cover Top Middle:  Confocal microscope image of adipocytes showing insulin-regulated GLUT4 vesicles (green),  F-actin (red) and DNA/nucleus (blue).  Image by Joseph Wolenski acquired using the Zeiss LSM 880 LSM.   Cells prepared by Michael Wong (Yale’19) as a student in MCDB 344L.  GLUT4 tag prepared by Don Li (MD/PhD program 2019) and Jonathan Bogan (YSM).

Cover Top Left & Right:  Students performing laboratory experiments in MCDB 345L. Photos:  Joseph Wolenski

Cover Middle:  C elegans Mitotic reformation – a cell dividing into two.  Endoplasmic Reticulum in green; DNA (chromatin) in purple. Lab of Shirin Bahmanyar, Photo: Holly Merta (GSAS ‘21, MCDB)

Cover Bottom Left 1 & 2:  Students performing laboratory experiments in MCDB 221L.  Photos:  Maria Moreno

Cover Bottom Right: The Yale International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Team is a student-run undergraduate research team with its own fully-equipped laboratory space, generously provided by Yale West Campus. By utilizing cutting-edge tools and techniques, we apply the principles of synthetic biology to solve pressing global issues. With guidance from the Isaacs Lab, we design and execute an original research project over the summer. In the fall, we then present our work and compete at the iGEM Jamboree, an international conference with attendees from over 250 universities.

This year, we decided to tackle plastic pollution. Our current project aims to mitigate plastic waste build-up by engineering a synthetic bacterial co-culture capable of degrading and metabolizing PET plastic, one of the most widely produced polymers used in clothing and bottles. Team members (from left to right in photo): Kevin Chang ‘20 (MB&B and Computer Science), Ricardo Moscoso ‘19 (Biomedical Engineering), Cecily Gao ‘21 (Computer Science), Lauren Telesz ‘20 (MCDB), Kevin Li ‘21 (MCDB), Alice Tirad ‘20 (MCDB and Art).  Photo: Alan Chang, high-school research intern in the Sidi Chen Lab.

  Joseph Wolenski

Construction of the new Yale Science Building showing the glass and steel facade nearly completed as of June of 2018.  The entire Department of Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology, and several laboratories from the Departments of Physics and Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, will occupy the YSB in the fall of 2019.  KBT in rear. Photo:  Joseph Wolenski

  Joseph Wolenski

A view showing construction of the 500 seat auditorium in the new Yale Science Building: future home of The Department of MCDB. Photo:  Joseph Wolenski

  Michael Marsland.

Groundbreaking ceremony at the construction site of the new Yale Science Building and future home of the Department of MCDB to be completed in the fall of 2019.   Kline Biology Tower, the current home of the Department of MCDB, is visible in the rear.  Left to right:  Kenneth Nelson, Jack Harris, Rachel Plumb, Julie Park, Yannick Jacob, Thomas Pollard, Thierry Emonet, Ronald Breaker, Paul Turner, Mark Solomon, Scott Holley, Damon Clark, Josien van Wolfswinkel, John Miller, Donald Engelman, Joseph Wolenski.  MCDB Chair:  Vivian Irish, sitting in the excavator. Photo:  Michael Marsland.