Gonzalo Villarino

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Postdoctoral Associate
219 Prospect St, New Haven, CT 06511-2106

Graduate studies at Cornell University focused on understanding mechanisms employed by plants to cope with salt stress using molecular biology approaches including genomics and transcriptomics.

Previous post doctoral training at NC State University sought to determine the regulatory relationships and the molecular mechanisms that specify and support the development of the carpel margin meristem structure located inside the Arabidopsis gynoecium using molecular and FACS-based transcriptomic approaches.

Current postdoc at Yale focus on Epigenetic, Epigenetic of DNA replication and Histones modification using Arabidopsis as a model system.

Advance bioinformatics pipelines for Next Generation Sequencing (RNA-seq & ChIP-seq). Familiar with Linux/UNIX & SLURM operating system. Basic programming skill (R & Python)