The Chair’s Corner - March 2017

March 15, 2017

You’d have to be in hibernation not to realize that a new Yale Science Building will soon be rising from the ashes of the Gibbs Laboratory. I am thrilled to see the progress being made each day! As a member of the building committee for over two years, I know first-hand how many people have worked hard to see this project to fruition. From the architecture team, to the Provost’s office, to the many individuals who have consulted on everything from cryo-electron microscopy to landscaping, many hands have helped to shape this new building. It has been truly impressive to see so many different people come together to make this happen.  I want to thank all of you who have given of yourselves to help create a vibrant space that will nucleate new and exciting avenues of research. Last May, it wasn’t even clear that the building would go up due to parking concerns; this May, we will see the first girders going up!