MCDB Announcements

The Chair's Corner - January The ‘Fresh Start Effect’ As I was thinking about the advent of the New Year and the almost obligatory New Year’s resolutions, I ran across a reference to the ‘Fresh Start...

From the Acar Lab: A Precise Genome Editing Method Reveals Insights into the Activity of Eukaryotic Promoters Congratulations to the Acar Lab for their latest publication in Cell Reports!  Click here for the full article.

John Carlson elected as a member of the Neuroscience Section Committee for the AAAS. Congratulations to John Carlson who was a elected to a four-year term as a Member of the Neuroscience Section Committee of the American Association for the Advancement of...

Welcome new Faculty Members Stavroula Hatzios and David Breslow! You can get to know more about our new Faculty Members and their research by visiting their websites at: http://hatzioslab.yale.edu/  http://breslowlab.yale.edu

MCDB Holiday Celebration The MCDB Holiday Party at the Peabody was enjoyed by all.  Plus we collected over 50 gift cards for the Columbus House!  Here are a few photos of the evening: