Phase 1 Research Reactivation for Laboratory and Facility PIs

May 27, 2020

TO:   EHS Integrator Laboratory and Facility PIs with on-campus research space (core facility directors and faculty PIs)

cc.    Departmental Lead Administrators and Business Managers

Through the great efforts of many of you, including deans, chairs and members of the research continuity committees, we will begin on June 1st the transition to Phase 1 reactivation of research on the Yale campus as hoped for in Provost Strobel’s recent communication. In preparation, please ensure that you and your lab members have completed all of the requirements for a return to campus. The full requirements are captured here, Research Reactivation Information and Guidance for Faculty, and associated links and documents. Please pass on the relevant information below to the trainees and staff in your research groups. Briefly:

  1. All laboratory and facility PIs, including clinical and translational research investigators, must complete a Phase 1 research reactivation safety plan via EHS Integrator. The plan must be approved by your department chair and/or institute director, cognizant dean and the provost’s office before your return to campus. Safety plans for field work and in-person human subjects research will be reviewed by committees of faculty with discipline-specific expertise before further chair, dean and provostial approval.
  2. All trainees, faculty and staff must complete the on-line COVID-19 Reactivation for Researchers training video.
  3. All departments and institutes must prepare a departmental safety plan that is coordinated with facilities and the building superintendent and approved by their cognizant dean and the provost’s office.
  4. All faculty performing clinical and translational research in areas that are also engaged in ‘standard’ patient care must coordinate their safety plans with Yale Medicine/Yale New Haven Health System.

Important Note: Laboratory and facility PIs will receive an approval via EHS Integrator to reactivate their research programs for Phase 1 research on campus after the above reactivation steps have been completed. Return to campus for research by trainees, faculty and staff is only permissible after the laboratory or facility PI receives the approval notification from EHS Integrator.

Additional information for your research reactivation plans:

  • After submission and approval of safety plans, laboratory and facility PIs should order an initial allotment of university-supplied face masks, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer for their research group by visiting These supplies will be delivered to your laboratory. Please request and secure these supplies before reinitiating your research program on campus. The supplies contain:
    • 50 surgical face masks for each member of your laboratory approved to return to campus for Phase 1 research.
    • An individual bottle of hand sanitizer for each member of your laboratory.
    • 3 canisters of disinfecting wipes for the laboratory or facility.
  • Yale will require all research personnel returning to campus as part of Phase 1 research reactivation to use a symptom tracking and attendance application (available for download starting Thursday, 5/28/2020). This digital application will replace the symptom tracking and attendance ‘paper’ logs that may have been part of individual PI safety plans. Everyone who is able should utilize the mobile symptom tracking app, which was developed by Yale ITS for this purpose. It will provide laboratory PIs or facility directors with daily reports of attendance (arrival and departure) and symptom self-assessment of all members of the laboratory or facility. For clinical/translational research conducted in standard patient care areas, symptom monitoring and attendance procedures will parallel those used for standard patient care.
  • As part of Phase 1 research reactivation, we invite personnel to participate in a voluntary COVID-19 Virus Screening Program, which is being offered free of charge to faculty, staff, and trainees who are currently on campus performing critical research functions, or will be returning as part of Phase 1 research reactivation. To schedule a virus test, please visit COVID-19 Screening Program.
  • PIs should consider purchasing or making additional supplies of disinfectant to carry out their individual safety plans. Recent information from procurement suggests that commercial sources of disinfecting solution and wipes are readily available, but see the document prepared by EHS, Cleaning and Disinfection of Laboratories on Campus, if you would like to make your own disinfectant solution for your lab.
  • Additional information is available about how to navigate around campus and child care options during Phase 1 research reactivation.
  • Yale Shuttles will be operating at reduced passenger capacity on a limited number of routes. Please encourage everyone to complete the Transportation Survey for Phase 1 researchers, which will help coordinate University transportation plans for campus during Phase 1. Parking lots across campus remain freely accessible to all.