November 2017

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and many of us are looking forward to family gatherings, holiday meals, and reflecting on our blessings. It is also a time to think of others, and to consider giving back to our community. Yale has partnered with the United Way to effect improvements in the greater New Haven area, through helping low income families receive the services they need, safely housing the homeless, feeding the hungry and improving local schools. MCDB is doing its part to support the Yale-United Way campaign. Each week during lunchtime we hold a spare change drive in the lobby of KBT, and on November 29 we will hold a hot apple cider sale. In December we will host a bake sale. I encourage you all to help with these MCDB efforts, by making a donation or by giving of your time to help out with these events. It’s a simple but gratifying way to give back to those who live and work side by side with us here on Science Hill.