Science Hill: Irradiator USP101

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New users should contact before signing up to use the Irradiator equipment.

The MCDB Department has an X-Ray Irradiator from the Precision X-Ray company.  

The MultiRad350 is ideal for dense biological specimens and a broad range of applications, including cell, tissue, whole-body and targeted irradiation, as well as industrial applications.  Exposure chamber with five-level height adjusting tray allows flexible specimen placement, and high throughput.

This instrument is available to any lab members who have completed the Yale EHS irradiation safety training.  

Availability: The sorter is available during the following hours (excluding University holidays):

Monday 9am-5pm; Tuesday 9am-7pm; Wednesday 9am-5pm; Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-4pm.

After hours booking is also available

Fees:                $50 per 30-minutes