Diversity and Professional Climate

Statement of the MCDB Committee on Diversity and Professional Climate

The MCDB community constitutes students, laboratory personnel, faculty members, and support staff all working together to forward the teaching and research missions of the Department. Individuals at various stages of their careers and from many backgrounds must rely on each other to help achieve their highest academic and research goals.

The mission of the MCDB Committee on Diversity and Professional Climate is to help the Department develop and sustain a diverse community of scholars and staff. The Committee helps to ensure that the Department maintains a professional work environment that encourages respectful interchange between all members regardless of background or career status. The Committee works to identify departmental, university, or other resources or activities that can enhance the diversity and professional climate of MCDB. The Committee also works to identify challenges caused by policies or practices that might detract from diversity or climate, and recommend changes that would benefit the MCDB community. Importantly, the Committee and its members will provide another resource for community members to rely on when challenges arise.

Committee Composition:

2020-2021 Committee: 

Maia Baskerville               PhD Student

Adeline Bass                       Staff

David Breslow                   Faculty

Lauren Dickinson             PhD student

Thierry Emonet                Faculty (Chair)

Maria Fernanda Forni   Postdoc

Denise George                 Staff

Michael Grome                Postdoc

Valerie Horsley                Faculty

Arcadia Kratkiewicz    PhD student

Corentine Laurin            Postdoc

Michael Mauro               PhD student

Sigrid Nachtergaele    Faculty

Carrie Nardella               Staff

Francine Nihozeko       PostGrad

Michael O’Donnell       Faculty

Jing Yan                              Faculty

Other resources for support:

Diversity and Inclusion at Yale:


Diversity and Student Life:


Sexual Harassment:

For concerns about oppressive behavior that is sexual in nature, the options for how to get help are outlined at http://smr.yale.edu/

They include calling the SHARE hotline (Sexual Harassment and Assault Response Education- 203-432-2000). SHARE will treat your call as strictly confidential.

Title IX coordinators and members of the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC) will maintain confidentiality as much as possible, only sharing information when required by law or for safety concerns. http://provost.yale.edu/title-ix

Racial Discrimination:

If you are experiencing oppressive behavior because of race, faculty should contact Richard Bribiescas (203-432-2049), staff should contact Deborah Stanley-McAulay (203-436-4072), and students should contact Michelle Nearon (203-436-1301) or visit https://student-dhr.yale.edu/.


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