December 2019

Let’s celebrate some of the MCDB highlights of 2019!

~ Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy 2020 ~

1. Employing a ZTP Riboswitch to Detect Bacterial Folate Biosynthesis Inhibitors in a Small Molecule High-Throughput Screen. Perkins KR, Atilho RM, Moon MH, Breaker RR. ACS Chem Biol. 2019

2. Robust olfactory responses in the absence of odorant binding proteins. Xiao S, Sun JS, Carlson JR. Elife. 2019

3. Protein folding state-dependent sorting at the Golgi apparatus. Hellerschmied D, Serebrenik YV, Shao L, Burslem GM, Crews CM. Mol Biol Cell. 2019

4. Benchmarking variant identification tools for plant diversity discovery. Wu X, Heffelfinger C, Zhao H, Dellaporta SL. BMC Genomics. 2019

5. Quantitative Insights into Age-Associated DNA-Repair Inefficiency in Single Cells. Young TZ, Liu P, Urbonaite G, Acar M. Cell Rep. 2019

6. Using slow frame rate imaging to extract fast receptive fields. Mano O, Creamer MS, Matulis CA, Salazar-Gatzimas E, Chen J, Zavatone-Veth JA, Clark DA. Nat Commun. 2019

7. Decoys provide a scalable platform for the identification of plant E3 ubiquitin ligases that regulate circadian function. Feke A, Liu W, Hong J, Li MW, Lee CM, Zhou EK, Gendron JM. Elife. 2019

8. Regulation of axon growth by myosin II-dependent mechanocatalysis of cofilin activity. Zhang XF, Ajeti V, Tsai N, Fereydooni A, Burns W, Murrell M, De La Cruz EM, Forscher P. J Cell Biol. 2019

9. Front-end Weber-Fechner gain control enhances the fidelity of combinatorial odor coding. Kadakia N, Emonet T. Elife. 2019

10. Organization of Embryonic Morphogenesis via Mechanical Information. Das D, Jülich D, Schwendinger-Schreck J, Guillon E, Lawton AK, Dray N, Emonet T, O’Hern CS, Shattuck MD, Holley SA. Dev Cell. 2019

11. Mechanism of actin polymerization revealed by cryo-EM structures of actin filaments with three different bound nucleotides. Chou SZ, Pollard TD. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2019

12. RNA binding activates RIG-I by releasing an autorepressed signaling domain. Dickey TH, Song B, Pyle AM. Sci Adv. 2019

13. Long-Distance Cooperative and Antagonistic RNA Polymerase Dynamics via DNA Supercoiling. Kim S, Beltran B, Irnov I, Jacobs-Wagner C. Cell. 2019

14. Functional characterization of a subtilisin-like serine protease from Vibrio cholerae. Howell M, Dumitrescu DG, Blankenship LR, Herkert D, Hatzios SK. J Biol Chem. 2019

*First and last authors from MCDB.