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Associate Positions at Close Concerns and Analyst Positions at dQ&A in San Francisco

The Close Concerns Associate Program

Celebrating its 20-year anniversary in 2022, Close Concerns, a healthcare information company that advocates for people with diabetes, seeks undergraduate applicants for its two-year Associate Program, based in San Francisco.

• The Associate Program gives new college graduates unparalleled exposure to the ‘real world’ of healthcare and business, significant work experience and responsibility, international travel, and built-in support for graduate school applications.

• For candidates considering post-graduate studies, such as medical school, it is the best way to enhance your skills and knowledge, interact with healthcare leaders, and use a different part of your brain, all the while improving your chances of getting into a top graduate program. Our many talented alums have gone on to stellar careers in medicine, public health, and business.

• This is the eighteenth year of the Associate Program, and we have three places available for successful candidates.

Our family of organizations, led by Kelly Close, share a meaningful social purpose: improving life for people with diabetes, one of the biggest public health problems of our time. This is a mission that everyone here takes to heart - if you feel that you can share it, please apply.

The Associate Program runs across the three sister organizations:

• Close Concerns, a healthcare information services provider;

• dQ&A, a research company focused on understanding and amplifying the voice of people with diabetes;

• diaTribe, a nonprofit with a mission to improve the lives of people with diabetes and prediabetes, and to advocate for action.

Associates work primarily for one organization, but you will most likely interact with people from all three organizations on a daily basis in our young, dynamic, and social workplace.

Please apply for the program by clicking this link, which is also repeated below. If you so wish, we will automatically consider you for openings at our sister organization dQ&A, so you only need to apply once. We will answer all your questions during the selection process, and you can always express any preferences.  For more information click:  Close Concerns – Job Description – 2023 and dQ&A Analyst One Pager Final.

posted 11/03/2022

Postgraduate Research Associate – Autoimmune Kidney Disease and Ion-Lymphocyte Interactions (Chernova Laboratory)

Irene Chernova, MD, PhD is seeking a Postgraduate Research Associate for a full-time, paid training position in her research group, currently situated within the laboratory of Dr. Joseph Craft, MD, Professor of Immunobiology and Rheumatology. Dr. Chernova is an Instructor in Nephrology, Department of Internal Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine, and she studies the pathophysiology of the autoimmune kidney disease lupus nephritis and the effects of ion disorders on the immune system.


As a Postgraduate Associate, the candidate will perform basic science and/or translational research related to two ongoing projects: 1) characterizing immune cells in mouse models of lupus nephritis and 2) studying how modulating sodium concentrations and ion receptors alters immune system development. The projects employ a broad range of techniques in the lab including disease modeling, molecular and cellular biology and other new tissue-based approaches. Specifically, during the first year, the candidate will be trained in flow cytometric techniques, microscopy, molecular biology techniques, mouse colony management and tissue processing, use of software/statistical tools such as ImageJ, Illustrator, Graphpad Prism, etc. with an opportunity to develop advanced programming/data analysis skills if desired.  The candidate will assist with data analysis, interpretation, and generation of figure-quality data for publication and/or presentations; attend conferences where they can network and/or present research data; attend weekly nephrology and immunology seminars as well as weekly lab meetings; assist with writing scientific papers, case reports, and reviews, if of interest.


The Postgraduate Associate will work closely with Dr. Chernova and will also regularly receive feedback directly from Dr. Craft and other members of the Craft laboratory. The candidate will have opportunities to present their data at intramural and/or national/international conferences, should this be of interest. The overall goal is to gain experience in designing and performing scientific work that can be used as a foundation for a future career in science and/or medicine. In addition, the candidate will be given career development opportunities (e.g. scientific writing and public speaking skills) that are individually tailored to their long-term career goals. The ultimate goal is to create an experience that is rewarding and engaging for the successful applicant and to foster scientific, professional, and/or educational advancement.


The ideal candidate has majored in the Biological or Chemical Sciences but has not yet received a doctoral degree and is seeking advanced scientific training for a duration of 1-2 years. Prior laboratory-based and/or clinical research experience is a plus but not required.

Candidates should be highly organized, self-motivated and reliable, with good interpersonal and communication skills. We strive to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and we place an emphasis on career development, scientific communication and collaboration.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should email their CV and a cover email briefly describing their career goals and their research/scientific background to with the subject line “Postgrad Position in the Chernova Lab.” If selected for an interview, please be prepared to provide at least 2 letters of reference.  

Potential start date: January 2023 but can be sooner or later depending on individual applicant needs.  Great opportunity for December graduates.  Standard postgraduate compensation: $38,000/year.

posted 11/03/2022