Fellowship/Educational Opportunities

Science in the Spotlight: the art of communication in research & medicine

Thursday October 10 at 7pm in Sudler Hall (WLH 201)

How should scientists, physicians, and journalists best convey scientific information to public audiences? Join the Yale Scientific Magazine for a panel discussion with award winning journalists Carl Zimmer, Robert Bazell, and Lisa Sanders. Lisa Sanders, MD, is an associate professor of medicine, NYT journalist, author, and collaborator on the Netflix docuseries Diagnosis. Carl Zimmer is an adjunct professor in MB&B and English, bestselling author, and award-winning NYT columnist. Robert Bazell is an adjunct professor in MCDB, bestselling author, and Emmy-winning former NBC correspondent. 

Food and refreshments will be provided. 

RSVP to the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/511706926276401/

Cientifico Latino

The Cientifico Latino team is pairing students who sign-up with current STEM professionals (graduate students and postdocs) that can provide feedback on their graduate school applications and guide them through the application process.

PRIZES       The Porter and Field prizes have new submission requirements!  Deadline for Undergraduates:  April 26

Ivy League Undergraduate Research Symposium      April 19-21 Deadline

The Ivy League Undergraduate Research  Symposium (ilurs.org) is now accepting abstract submissions for ILURS 2019, which will take place on April 19-21 at the University of Pennsylvania.  The ILURS Council and Board of Directors have worked tirelessly to provide Ivy League scholars with the most intriguing and stimulating symposium experience across the Ivy League, and we are confident that the symposium’s diversity and size will stimulate researchers and inspire interdisciplinary academic discourse. This year’s symposium will provide distinguished undergraduate researchers with opportunities to present their research, network with other scholars, learn about post-graduate opportunities, and engage with professors and research professionals.  New to ILURS 2019 are the Poster Presentation Awards & Plenary Presentation Awards. Judged by a panel of esteemed University of Pennsylvania faculty, ILURS attendees will have the opportunity to be recognized for their exceptional research. 5 awards will be given in each poster presentation category and 3 overall awards will be presented for plenary presenters.

Nanolive is running a competition for B.Sc. and M.Sc. Biology students to win a trip to Switzerland this summer to work on a one-week cell-focused microscopy project using a state-of-the-art label-free 3D microscope. We are looking to promote this exciting opportunity to as many Life Sciences students as possible. I would be very grateful if you could share this link http://nanolive.ch/sot2019 with your undergraduate and graduate network.

Invitation to apply for a Dean’s Student Advisory Committee on STEM and QR, led by Dean Sandy Chang.  The committee has produce surveys and acted as a bridge between the students and the Dean’s office.  The application link, as well as the list of all committees is below.

Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0CMvFsfnrnCA-fyal-rf169-DOTbqHGytdRJ4Q3sEpnWHBw/viewform

List of Committees: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dqWep4lLPhmxCDmoqvZwctA-UzLDLdIQ0nkBentLybs/edit#gid=0

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Logo

oSTEM (Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is an international organization focused on LGBTQ people in the STEM community, with over 75 chapters in the US and abroad. The Yale undergraduate chapter has been inactive for a while, but there has been interest in reviving it. If you would like to be involved in any way, please email Anin Luo (she/hers) at anin.luo@yale.edu. Thank you!

Univ of Michigan - Health Informatics       

     Tuesday, February 19 @ 8:00 - MHI Virtual Information Session.         Application deadline is May 1, 2019

Splash at Yale! Interested in sharing your passions with high schoolers?

Splash at Yale is an educational outreach organization that
runs two programs each semester for students from all over the Northeast. 
All of the classes are taught by Yale students, and cover all sorts of topics
ranging from The Geography of Happiness to Epigenetics to The Fibonacci
Sequence to An Introduction to Skepticism.  Teaching is a small time
commitment but has a huge impact on our students!


On April 6th, we will be holding a program called Splash,
where you can teach one or two hour class(es). Teacher registration for Splash
is currently open. We have extended our deadline for teacher registration to
March 3rd. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit
or email us
yalesplash@gmail.com. If you make an account
on our website, you’ll also be added to our mailing list and will get a
reminder email when it’s time to register for Splash! Hope to see you at Splash.