Research Facilities

Research Facilities located on Science Hill

The Science Hill Imaging facility provides optical and electron imaging services.

Cell Sorter Facility (Science Hill)  This resource runs one high-speed 9-color cell sorter and a 4-color flow cytometry analyzer. 

Center for Medical Informatics The Center applies computational methods to medicine and biomedical research and provides support to numerous projects at Yale. The Center is very active in the training of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics students.

DNA Analysis Facility on Science Hill This facility provides DNA Sequencing of PCR, Plasmid, BAC’s and Fosmid Templates as well as Fragment Analysis of Microsatellites, AFLP’s, t-RFLP’s, SHAPE Experiments. A new service added this year is Cell Line Authentication using Promega’s GenePrint 10 system.

HHMI Biopolymer/Keck Foundation Biotechnology Lab From bioinformatics data analysis to DNA sequencing, from microarray reading to peptide synthesis, the Keck facility offers an extensive range of genomic and proteomic services to Yale scientists.

Marsh Botanic Garden offers space, supplies and growing expertise for plant biology to research laboratories from any department at Yale.

Peabody Museum World-class collections (numbering over 13 million specimens and growing), are a major component of the research and teaching activities of the Peabody and Yale.

Positron Emission Tomography Research Center The 22,000 sq. ft. PET Research Center not only houses state-of-the art imaging facilities for viewing organ function but also provides training opportunities to students interested in incorporating PET into their research.

Richards Center for Structural Biology The CSB is home to X-ray crystallography equipment and computational tools for macromolecular structure determination.

Additional cores available at Yale in the medical school, at West campus and in Engineering.