Cell Sorter Facility (Science Hill)

An NIH sponsored shared resource

We provide flow cytometric analysis and sorting including instrumentation, technical support, training and consultation.

Flow cytometry is a technology that simultaneously measures and then analyzes multiple physical characteristics of single particles, usually cells, as they flow in a fluid stream through a beam of light.  Sorting allows us to capture and collect cells of interest for further analysis. Once collected, the cells can be analyzed microscopically, biochemically, or functionally.

LOCATION:  7th floor of Kline Biology Tower Room 710
EQUIPMENT:  The Flow Cytometry Facility has a technician-operated 3-laser Becton Dickinson FACSAria III sorter and a DIY 2-laser Beckman Dickinson FACS Calibur
BOOKING:  Prior booking is essential.  For booking the FACS ARIA III, email Kenneth Nelson.
MORE INFO:  Important information about costs and conditions of use is available here. Find links for fluorochrome spectra, viability dyes, flow cytometric tips and procedures here.
CONTACT: For more information, contact Kenneth Nelson.