All students should contact Crystal Adamchek for assignment of a faculty adviser.


Freshmen considering a major in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology are invited to consult with the director of undergraduate studies and/or a faculty member in MCDB who is a fellow of their residential college.

College faculty advisers available to freshmen are listed below:

BK J. Wolenski MC H. Keshishian, K. Nelson
BR N. Clay, I. Dawson PC J. Carlson, C. Crews
CC M. Mooseker, R. Wyman SY C. Jacobs-Wagner
DC V. Irish, W. Zhong SM S. Dellaporta, D. Kankel, J. Rosenbaum
TD S. Holley ES to be announced
JE R. Breaker, T. Emonet, F. Isaacs, T. Nelson TC to be announced

Any member of the MCDB department can serve as a faculty adviser to majors. For assistance in identifying a suitable adviser, students should contact the departmental undergraduate registrar, Crystal Adamchek.  Students in the neurobiology, biotechnology, or quantitative biology track should have an adviser from their specific track. The course schedules of all MCDB majors (including sophomores intending to major in MCDB) must be signed by a faculty member in the department. The signature of the director of undergraduate studies is required only for students who are fulfilling the requirements of two majors or who have been admitted to the simultaneous B.S./M.S. degree program. Students whose regular adviser is on leave can consult the office of the director of undergraduate studies to arrange for an alternate.