The Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (MCDB) is home to Undergraduate and Graduate academic programs as well as Faculty Research performed by faculty organized in eight divisions.

MCDB also hosts research facilities for Science Hill including microscopy and flow cytometry.

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MCDB is searching for an Assistant Professor specializing in Quantitative Biology.  Please click here for more information. 

MCDB Announcements

MCDB Announces the launch of their Facebook page! We are happy to announce the launch of the official MCDB Facebook page!  We are excited to bring MCDB into the world of social media, but we need your help to populate it...

Xiongfei Fu secures a group leader position and receives prestigious “1000Plan Program for Young Talents” award to fund his new lab. Xiongfei Fu received a major grant from the 1000Plan Program for Young Talents. This prestigious award from teh Chinese Government will enable him to start his own lab at the...

Yann Dufour’s paper on experimental mapping of protein abundance to cell behavior accepted in PLoS Comp Bio From the Emonet Lab: “Direct correlation between motile behavior and protein abundance in single cells” Click here for more details

From the Horsley Lab: "Skin Adipocyte Stem Cell Self-Renewal is Regulated by a PDGFA/AKT-Signaling Axis" From the Horsley Lab: “Skin Adipocyte Stem Cell Self-Renewal Is Regulated by a PDGFA/AKT-Signaling Axis” Click here for more details

From the Jacobs-Wagner Lab: Research note: Lyme bacteria mark out cell division locations for their progeny A Yale team led by Christine Jacobs-Wagner, director of the Microbial Sciences Institute, captured the process via single-cell microscopy. For more information please click...